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Which financing solutions do we offer?


Get funded from € 1 million up to € 5 million in 30 working days.

Equity designed for high-growth companies with annual turnover over € 5 million. No extra guarantees, we invest directly in the SPV that holds the real estate asset.


Leveraging equity contributed in an SPV, get funded up to € 5 million with mezzanine debt involving specific guarantees.

The perfect solution to guarantee investors repayment within a predetermined time frame at a predetermined annualized return.


Get funded from € 250,000 up to € 2 million.

The flexible financing dedicated to businesses that need liquidity in a short time to develop the must-have real estate operation.

The most exclusive and dedicated form of financing for large enterprises with turnover over € 35 million.

With Walliance 500 you can finance your company's development through alternative forms of capital raising including equity, mini-bonds or other forms of debt, for amounts greater than € 15 million. For this financing solution, you will have a dedicated team working with you to study the best solution.

Get from € 200,000 to € 5 million.

This financing solution is dedicated to the energy renovation of buildings, the development of photovoltaic systems, agrivoltaic and wind farms, energy communities, biomass power plants and hydroelectric plants.

How do I get funding?

1. Analysis

Meet online with one of our analysts and tell us about your real estate operation.

2. Term Sheet

After submitting the necessary documentation to conduct a preliminary analysis, Walliance will submit the non-binding terms of the financing proposal.

3. Arrangement

Once you agree to the non-binding terms, we will begin a deep due diligence on the project.

4. Onboarding and go-live

If the due diligence is successful, the project will be submitted to the evaluation committee and following approval will be published on the platform for capital raising.

5. Withdrawal of cash

Once the capital is raised, the investors' invested amounts can be transferred to the company’s bank account and the real estate operation can begin.

6. Stay supported

Until the investment is completed, you will be supported by a dedicated Project Owner from our team who will monitor the progress of the investment.

Why get funded with Walliance

30 Days

With Walliance Crowd it takes just 30 working days* to get the capital you need for your operations in one go. And in 3 days we return to you with a feasibility opinion.
*From the moment a company delivers the documentary file required by Walliance, complete with all the necessary information. Timelines may vary depending on the financing instrument.

54 Projects funded

We build customized financing solutions tailored to the different needs of your company and real estate operations. That's why so many entrepreneurs choose Walliance to get funded.​

€ 105 M Invested

As of today our network invested more than € 100 million in real estate projects, contributing to financing developments of more than half a billion euro.

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